We are professionals and perfectionists and these features are reflected in our day to day work. They say you learn all your life and this applies even more to a doctor. This is why our specialists take part in classes or medical congresses and have lectures at the most important international conferences.

  • Specialist in dental surgery
  • University assistant for the oral implantology courses at UMF Carol Davila
  • Competencies in oral implantology
  • Masters in oral implantology
  • Competences in dental radio-diagnostic
  • Digital Smile Design – dental aesthetics diplomat

Vezi diplomele


General Dentistry

  • Limited practice in microscope endodontics
  • Several classes of over specialisation in microscope endodontics

Cristian Contelman, MD

Specialist in microscope endodontics

  • University assistant for mobile prosthetics courses at UMF Carol Davila

Daniela Meghea, MD

Specialist in mobile prosthetics

  • University assistant for mobile orthodontics courses at UMF Carol Davila
  • Several courses in mobile and fixed orthodontics classes

Oana Eftene, MD

Specialist in orthodontics

  • Specialised in therapy, endodontics and prosthetics
  • Specialised in infantile pedodontics

Mihaela Palade, MD

Specialist in pedodontics