Dental Aesthetics

Astăzi din ce în ce mai multe persoane apelează la estetica dentară pentru a obține zâmbetul de milioane pe care și-l doresc. Datorită materialelor și a tehnicilor de înaltă calitate, dinții dumneavoastră vor fi demni de a apărea în reclame.

More and more people need dental aesthetics nowadays in order to obtain the million dollars smile they want. Due to materials and technology, your teeth will be commercial worthy!

No more nightmares: no chipped, stained, broken or spaced teeth. Dental aesthetics uses a variety of techniques in order to improve your smile:

  • Professional dental whitening
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Whole ceramic crowns
  • Teeth aligning
  • Professional dental whitening at home
  • Composite veneers
  • Emax ceramics veneers
  • No-Prep veneers
  • Metal-ceramic crowns
  • Metal-ceramic crowns on implant
  • Zirconium ceramic crowns
  • Zirconium crowns on implant
  • Whole ceramic crowns – EMAX
  • Composite Inlay
  • Ceramic Inlay – EMAX
  • Dental jewellery
  • Blunt reconstruction with fibre glass pivot
  • Cr-Co, gold metallic pivot
  • Zirconium pivot
  • Acrylic/arcade denture
  • Acrylic denture with composite teeth
  • Framed denture

The materials we use bot for children and adults are amongst the best in the world, as we don’t use cheap and non-performant or expensive and performant materials, according to budget. This compromise simply doesn’t exist. Out of respect for our patients we use only the best materials with accessible prices.

Quality is one of the standing principles at the Dr. Vereanu Clinic. Here is where we treat our children, our parents and friends!