Orthodontics is specialised in straightening teeth, especially for children, but also for adults.

Braces are installed starting at a young age, at 6-7 years old and until adulthood. It is very important that teeth are correctly aligned and positioned on the cheek bone, in order for them to be healthy and beautiful.

There are two types of treatment in orthodontics:

  • Dental braces (mobile technique) – until the age of 12
  • Dental beaces with fixed metallic or ceramic brackets treatment (fixed technique) – after the age of 12

Nowadays kids have small chick bones and large teeth. It is ideal to bring them to the doctor at around 6 years old, to receive advice on the necessity of a braces.
If you notice that your child:

  • Breaths through the mouth
  • Keeps the mouth open for a long time
  • Keeps the tongue between the teeth
  • Sucks on the lower lip
  • Sucks on a finger or a pencil
  • Notice something strange about the mouth, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Fixed dental braces with brackets straighten teeth, if there are gaps. If a big child or an adult has compact teeth, they will be straightened only after some extractions, thus making place for the existing teeth to be correctly aligned. Fixed brackets are successful methods, with undeniable results. There are several types of fixed dental braces:

  • Fixed dental braces with metallic brackets
  • Fixed dental braces with safir aestethic brackets.