The most common disease is the periodontics disease or the “beautiful teeth” disease. It is called this way because in many cases, the ones suffering from periodontics have beautiful, intact teeth. This is an old affliction, but unfortunately very common, starting at the age of 35 and with a very unfavourable evolution. Suffering patients can receive modern treatments which hold off the evolution so that teeth can be maintained for several years on the arch. The essential condition is that the patients comes into the exam room each 4-6 months for hygene and check-up. The fight with this affliction is won only by the patients who are most rigorous with their treatment and oral hygiene.

Our specialists are suited to work with any patient, 2 to 100 years old. We pay special attention to personalised treatment and correctly identifying gum affections. If these are not spotted and treated in the right manner they can lead to teeth loss and need for dental implants.

Don’t wait until the last moment when something aches. We await with modern technologies and our doctors’ care and passion for their job.

Our services are:

  • Prevention of gum afflictions
  • Treatment for gingivitis and periodontis
  • Treatment for occlusal equilibration of periodontal teeth
  • Surgical treatment of periodontal mucosa