Pedodontics is the side of dentistry that takes care of children. They need to be brought to the doctor from the early ages, but not to any doctor, to one who is specialised in working with children – the pedodontist. Doctors dedicated to children are more patient and are up to date with their particular dental issues

We all have bad dental experiences since we were children. It is up to us, the parents, to avoid putting our children through the same things. A check-up done at the right time, before pain appears, will not traumatise the child and they will return with joy to the dentist.

This is why, to encourage parents, at the Dr. Vereanu Clinic, consultations for children are free of charge. Bring your child to a consult and you will find interesting things about brushing techniques or diagnosis, things that you, as a parent, cannot notice.

The first check-up: around 3-4 years old. It is the session during which the child befriends the dentist and the regular visits.
The second check-up: around 7 years old. This visit aims to check the first definitive molars, who go by unnoticed, getting cavities much too early due to lack of attention. This is also the time for an orthodontics check-up.
Our professional staff is at your disposal, with the following services:

  • Check-up & professional brushing & oral hygiene instructions
  • Frontal teeth Filling
  • Back teeth Filling
  • Temporary mobile tooth extraction
  • Temporary immobile tooth extraction with anaesthetics
  • Tooth seal