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Who am I, Dr. Anca Vereanu?

I created the Dr. Vereanu Clinic in 2010, following 15 years’ experience in the public health system at the Military Central Hospital in Bucharest and 7 years in my own private practice.

Those were the years during which I learned very much in both my medical specialty, when it comes to relating to customers, and also in administrative issues, so necessary when running a clinic. This experience helped me today in shaping a very good medical team, professionals of which I am very proud.

Together we are a team that covers all dentistry specialties and we do it as correct, professional and committed as we would expect to receive.

I have understood that medicine is not a business and we need to be truly dedicated to each patient, offering the proper treatment solutions, which may not always be the most financial efficient, but which will surely bring appreciation from our patients.

I am a doctor working 12 hours days in the clinic and I also cover the management issues and this helps me control very well the medical side of things, integrating patients who most times need interdisciplinary treatments.

I truly believe that for a clinic to become medically prestigious it needs to be controlled by a specialist who helps patients, coordinates their treatment plan and time of work and guides them to the right specialists.

Through everything we do, we try to be the best doctors on the market, with great respect for both patients and our profession.

Dr. Anca Vereanu Price list

Treatment quality and long term care

Before starting any treatment you will receive all necessary information regarding costs and payment options. We can offer installment payment in collaboration with the banks we work with.

Quality treatments require time, as rush is no friend for quality. At the Dr. Vereanu Clinic we do not talk about “number of patients treated during a day”, but about “the way these patients are treated”. We offer you respect through the time we invest in your treatment and through the professional medical team assisting you during the process.

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